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Cupping & Massage Therapy in Denver, CO

Circular Health in Denver, CO provides a broad array of massage and cupping therapy services for healing and stress management. Click for more details!


Circular Health Massage & Cupping

Gabriela Santagata of Circular Health in Denver, CO offers a different perspective of bodywork to those seeking profound pain and stress management. With a warm and holistic approach, Gabriela will work with you to deeply understand your needs and craft a unique healing treatment.

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I have been nothing but amazed by Gabriela’s professionalism and knowledge. On my first visit I explained to her the problems I have been having with my lower back after hours of riding bikes and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After my massage and cupping I felt like a brand new person!! I even told her about the pain I was having in my elbow and she knew exactly what to do and it helped that pain tremendously too!! I cannot wait to see her again next month, I wouldn’t see anybody else!! — Arturo Almedia

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Cupping Therapy, Circular Health, Denver, CO
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Sinus Cupping, Circular Health, Denver, CO
Biomagnetic Cupping, Circular Health, Denver, CO
Fire Cupping, Circular Health, Denver, CO

Cupping therapy provides long-lasting pain relief


This ancient therapy uses special cups to suction onto the skin
and pull muscle tissues away from each other.

Cupping therapy draws stagnant blood from tissues and makes it
readily available to the circulatory system where it can be flushed out.
In addition to gently releasing the muscles and fascia from metabolic waste,
it encourages fresh revitalized blood flow to the treated areas.

The use of negative pressure is a better alternative to deep tissue for many reasons!

  • No pain!

  • Releases soft tissues faster by pulling up and away from the underlying structures.

  • It activates the secretion of synovial fluids to relieve joint stiffness.

  • It takes less time than a traditional deep tissue massage, yet the results last longer!


Cupping can be added to other treatments as well!
Check out the services page for a full list of bodywork offerings and rates.